It is my passion to work closely with women, guiding, encouraging and learning with them as they make these changes towards living a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of my awesome clients and their stories of how their lives have transformed. 


Kate is a working mom of 2: 

I’m so happy with my results! My personal experience was great because I had HUGE reservations about joining a FB group but found it so unthreatening and mello. It was a neat surprise. 

When I started this online challenge I was super low energy and I realized I had a slowing metabolism. I really liked the idea of real food and no gym! The group had a really positive energy and I learned that just sticking to the plan Toniya gave me would get me great results. I could handle 30 minutes a day with 2 kids and a full time job.

Kate followed the 21 Day Fix workout with a personalized nutrition plan and Shakeology. 


Kiowa said: 

I really loved the clean eating challenge group! I wanted a change but there’s so much info online that it can be overwhelming. Toniya’s guidance was a great start to a new way of eating and she made it seem so easy with the shopping lists and meal plans.  I would have been lost without my challenge group!